Music Therapy

Why Music Therapy?

Music therapy has been a qualified health care profession since the 1950’s. After WWI and WWII, a community of musicians went around the country to play for thousands of veterans suffering from both physical and emotional trauma from the wars. The patients’ notable physical and emotional responses to music led the doctors and nurses to request the hiring of musicians by the hospitals. The demand grew for a college curriculum.

Forte strives to skillfully use music and musical elements to promote, maintain, and restore mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  Whether it’s singing their favorite song to build a relationship, using a familiar tune with modified words to work on math or language skills, or writing a song for self-expression, a multitude of music interventions are used as a health benefit as well as to increase the enjoyment of the “work” we’ll do. 

Music Interventions can be designed to:

  • Improve social skills
  • Enhance self-expression
  • Improve speech skills
  • Improve receptive/expressive language
  • Increase relaxation/decrease agitation
  • Alleviate physical and emotional pain
  • Increase sensory-motor skills
  • Improve cognitive functioning
  • Enhance and support academic learning
  • Promote wellness
  • Improve quality of life

To accomplish: We believe that the consumer will be successful because we will set them up for success and will provide them with the support they need in order to accomplish their goals.

Individualized goals:  Therapy is customized for each consumer, based off of their strengths, weaknesses, and what skills they want/need to accomplish.

Within a therapeutic relationship: We will have a therapist-client relationship.  We will selflessly learn all about the consumer in order to best know how to support, guide, motivate and empower them to reach their goals, work through problems, and be successful.  A good relationship is key in the therapy process.  The consumer will know that we are for them no matter what.  Knowing that their parent/caregiver is for them unconditionally as well will be even more beneficial for the consumer and will improve the therapy process.

Leanza Reyes

LEANZA REYES, Corporate Office Assistant, obtained her Music Therapy certification and is a Board Certified Music Therapist. Forte Residential is approved to provide Music Therapy services. Leanza has begun to see consumers out of the corporate office, where she has designed a music therapy space. If you live in the Warsaw area and are interested in receiving Music Therapy through Forte, feel free to give Leanza a call at (574)549-9961.

Music therapy has changed my daughter’s life. Cochlear implant users typically do not appreciate music. But, my daughter loves it. Therapy at Forte has exploded her love for music!  She now spends hours sitting on her bed, playing her guitar, singing her heart out. There was a songbird inside of her waiting to come out!  The sweet part is that her songs now have meaning. We can understand her deaf words. Most importantly, she is learning to understand those words more and more. This has grown the JOY in her personal life so much!