Forte Residential, Inc. and Forte Home Health Care, Inc. are recipients of the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration’s Direct Service Workforce Investment Grant. As such, Forte will receive funding in three payments (expected in January 2023, spring of 2023, and summer of 2023).

Forte plans to distribute 95% of funds received through the Direct Service Workforce Investment Grant to our direct care staff (DSPs, Home Health Aides, RNs and LPNs)  by way of bonuses and their related payroll taxes. Each bonus will be based on performance. Bonuses will be prorated so that staff who work more hours will receive a higher bonus. For the first round of funding, all staff who worked during the fourth quarter of 2022 will be eligible to receive a performance bonus. When the spring and summer payments are released, Forte will use three-month lookback periods to calculate the second and third bonuses in the same manner.