Empowering Life Begins

With The Family

Providing Supported Residential Services and Home Health Care Services with Family Driven Initiatives

Forte Residential Services

Forte Residential Services

Forte Residential, Inc. provides in-home support for individuals receiving services through the Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver System (HCBS). Forte specializes in serving individuals with highly motivated family members. Our goal is to provide quality support to family members who devote their lives for their loved one with special needs. Our purpose is to help you succeed in your goal for this individual! Our employees are qualified individuals you know and trust. Our professional support team is located in your community. Forte is employee owned.

Home Health Care Services

Forte Home Health Care, Inc. was founded to compliment the services of Forte Residential, Inc. An individual does not need to be a recipient of the Forte Residential Waiver services to receive the services of Forte HHC, but for those individuals in need of both services, Forte is a great choice! The ability to have one company provide both services allows the individual and family to have continuity of care. The families served appreciate the simplification of scheduling and the common philosophy and mission. Forte is employee owned.

Forte Employee Benefit Package

Employee Benefits vary from company to company. When choosing a company be sure to ask each Provider you are considering about their employee benefits. The families we serve often compliment us on how the employees of Forte are treated. By following this link you will access a summary of the Forte Employee Benefits and another form for you to complete for the other Provider(s) you are considering. We believe you will find Forte ranks right at the top of Employee Benefits and Employee Appreciation.

Naaman’s Story

Forte Residential, Inc. was established to access services for the complex needs of one individual – Naaman Van Meter, the adult son of the founders, Thomas and Judy Van Meter.  With persistence and innovation, Forte continues to grow as a model empowering parents / guardians, our “Family Advocates”, who are the most amazing resource for their loved one(s) with special needs! Since 1992, Forte has grown and is one example of Indiana quality In-Home Services.  Naaman Van Meter’s life has and will inspire hundreds of individuals with special needs to enjoy a better quality of life than might otherwise have been possible. This video clip is dedicated to Naaman Van Meter, 08/31/1972 – 02/14/2011.