I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Because of you and the business you started, I was able to stay home and take care of my brother for the past three years. I am so thankful that I did not have to go to a job out of the home eight hours a day as I had to do before Forte. Every person that we had the privilege to deal with through Forte was kind, considerate and a blessing to us. There is a great emptiness in myself and my family, but we will forever be grateful to Forte Residential.

We want to say thank-you for all you do for our family and specifically our son, Jonathan. We love him so much and count it a privilege to have so many willing hands (you) to help us on our journey. Forte Residential has been very helpful through the years… We are very thankful to see Jonathan continuing to grow and learn new things. We appreciate Forte who lets us be even a greater part of that process! We have been very encouraged by Forte.

Forte Residential is a very wonderful company. The staff is very professional, and they really care about our loved ones. I highly recommend this approach to helping your loved one’s life be the best it can be. Thank you Tom for giving this option to families who are raising angels. The world needs more compassionate people like you and your wonderful staff. The years I worked with Forte, helped (my son) get enough confidence to transition to supported living. Letting go was not easy, but well worth the happiness I see on his sweet face.

As we choose our paths in life we really don’t know what will happen. Hi. My name is Sherry and this is a little of my story. I am from a family of 7; Mom, Dad, 5 sisters and a brother. I am the youngest (I am a twin actually). Growing up was rough. You never knew from one day to the next how your day would be; beatings, molesting, mind games, etc. well as I grew up I knew things would be different for me.

I am a very strong person on the inside; some would even say I am bullheaded. When I was growing I would have this dream that was so real of this boy in a baby bed shaking saying mama and then pulling my hair. I thought I might be a little crazy because there were no boys in our house. So one day I told Mom about this dream and that I had had it many times. She said I was crazy and just brushed it off. As the years went by I kept having the dream. One day I found a picture of a young man that had my Dad’s name on it. I was 16 at the time. I took the picture to my Grandma and she told me it was my brother James. I knew that day that I had to find him.

In 1984 I got married and moved to South Bend, IN. I made a friend who had a cousin with disabilities. I started to cry as I told them about James. I then started my quest to find him. In 1992 I found James. It was the most scared I had ever been and the day of the biggest change in my life.  I knew it would be hard but it was my choice. My parents and some of my family were really mad at me but I had the right to know James. From that day on I had a brother named James, we even look alike. From 1967 until 2003 James lived in an institution where he was badly abused. I had tried hard to stop it but I didn’t know my rights as his sister. I took care of all of his health. In 2003 I got him moved out of there and into an apartment in Mishawaka.

I had a provider taking care of him. They hated me. I had a big mouth as they say but I was just defending James. So from 2003 until 2009 there was a lot of abuse. I then found out about Forte and brought James home to live with me and my husband. Forte has been a blessing to us as they have helped so much.

James has now been abuse free for 2 years. He used to have seizures 5 or 6 times a day and now only has seizures once or twice every 6 months. If you need a provider that cares call Tom at Forte.

So as my path through life goes, would I change anything? No. If I did, I wouldn’t have James. Thank you so much Forte.

God gives us gifts and that is James but our blessing is Forte for without Forte we wouldn’t have James in our lives and my life wouldn’t have changed. I now know the true meaning of love, compassion and life. Thank you for filling my heart with joy, life and love. Thank you Forte.

“Forte service has been a wonderful addition to my sister’s care.  Very professional, friendly, and user friendly to families.  Previously to using Forte, we utilized another services that was not local and was not easy to communicate with.  Discussing issues over the phone, at times, was a very difficult process.  Forte personnel is very friendly when coming into home.  I have been very pleased with Forte’s service.”