Forte Residential is devoted to the concept of “Family driven initiatives”. The individual being served and their responsible legal representative are placed in the corporate structure and assume significant decision making responsibilities about their own care or that of their loved one. Forte operates branch offices to provide motivated families with optimum quality residential based services. The founder and president of Forte Residential, Tom Van Meter, conceptualized this unique philosophy of “Family driven initiatives” in the relatively “un-serviced” areas of rural Indiana. Tom served on the Indiana Commission on Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities from it’s inception in 1992 through 2003.

Direct care employees are our most valuable resource. Recruitment is by referral and newspaper adds. Employment of family members is encouraged. Orientation to Forte’s history, philosophy, mission, and relationship to other organizations is part of the training process. CPR/first aid, Incident Reporting procedures, documentation practices, medication assistance, and specific client-oriented training are also included.

Turnover over the last five years has been 5% for full-time employees.

Criminal history checks are done on all potential employees. Communication between workers and review of daily log worksheets keep each employee in check. Observation of consumer’s attitude and physical condition by individuals who work with them regularly help assure their safety. Forte and outside case management meet regularly with the consumers to discuss their lives and quality of care they are receiving. Typically, the Family Advocate will be with the consumer every day. This individual is personally and intimately acquainted with the consumer and is very keenly aware of any shifts in emotional or physical aspect of the consumer’s life.

The “Family Advocate” is the legal guardian or closest family member of the consumer. The Family Advocate is given significant decision making authority within the corporate structure without actually being employed. The “Person-Centered Planning” strategy is implemented in planning sessions with family and interested parties. Action oriented outcome is emphasized.

Because the “Family Advocate” is the legal guardian or closest family member the consumer has, the first opportunity to report any quirks in the flow of services to themselves or their dependant loved-one. Forte facilitates the process by support in resolving issues, formulating strategic plans, providing additional training, and intervening if necessary.

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