There seems to be a lot of information out there about natural remedies for everything from anxiety to fungal infections.   Over the years I have done some research and found that a lot of these remedies do work. Through trial and error, I have also found that some do not work for some people.   I like to do the natural route in treating my son’s autism as much as possible.   With his history of side effects from prescription medications, I pretty much had no choice but to try natural remedies.  Under his doctor’s care, it was brought to my attention that Omega 3’s are very important.   And sometimes due to a child’s limited diet, multivitamins play a vital role in keeping them healthy too.  My son had a lot of illness (chronic ear infections, sinus infections, rashes, etc.) so I felt anything good I can put in him couldn’t hurt.   And on my own, I decided to give him probiotics to help with his tummy troubles.  I noticed a difference in him within a couple weeks.  Arm flapping was less frequent, he wasn’t as pale as he used to be and the dark circles under his eyes were gone.   He just seem to have more life.   Now, I am not suggesting these results will happen for everyone but just know that I tried a lot of different things and found this to work for my son.  

Sometimes we still need a prescription to get rid of whatever is ailing us.   But I have formed a list of things that I do to treat anything from autism to fungal infections.   I know there are a lot of you out there that probably would love to try natural remedies but haven’t actually met anyone that has used them and it worked.   So here’s my list of things you might try but always talk to your physician before starting a natural regimen.   Prescription medications might interact with it.



Chamomile or Lavender oil for anxiety and calmness – I put it in a diffuser and it helps my son have a more restful sleep, me too

Eucalyptus oil for congestion – Put the oil in a diffuser

Omega 3’s for cognitive and immune support

Probiotics for digestion

Good Multiple vitamin for general wellness

sleep oils

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